Poems Online

from Motion Studies
excerpt from “Motion Studies” (at PEN America)
“Popular Science” (at Triple Canopy)

from Corporate Relations
     “Mechanized Eccentric” & “Scientific Management (at Colorado Review)
     “Persona Ficta” (at The Rumpus)

from Public Figures
     Public Figures (flash version at HOW2)
     excerpts at BOMBLOG

from The Network
     “Mercury Rising” (at Academy of American Poets)
     excerpts from “Financial District” (at HOW2)
     excerpts from “Financial District” (at barzakh)
     excerpts from “Financial District” (at Textsound)

from An Essay in Asterisks
     “Court Reports” (at HOW2)
     “Dropping Leaflets” (at the Poetry Foundation)
     Poemtalk episode on “Dropping Leaflets”
     “Louvre IV” (at poetrynet.org)

from The Character
     “Dead Text
     “The Periodic Table as Assembled by Dr. Zhivago, Oculist

     “Target” (libretto for Keeril Makan)
     “Dark Star Confit” (at Poetry Society of America)
     “To the Reader” (at Academy of American Poets)
     “Flag of my Disposition” (at 5_Trope)
     a collaboration with Mark Waldron (at LikeStarlings)
     “The Morning” (at Aesthetix)
“Disclosures” (at Poets Reading the News)