Ugly Duckling Presse Publication Date: May 1  Information

Ugly Duckling Presse
Publication Date: May 1

Public Figures
Wesleyan University Press, 2012

Review by Seth Abramson in The Huffington Post                                           
Review by Jacob Wren at Lemon Hound                                                                  Interview about Public Figures at Bomblog (with Patrick Gaughan)
Review at Rob McClennan’s blog                                                                      Review by Zach Savich at The Kenyon Review                                                   Review at Publishers Weekly                                                                            
Review by Rachel Trousdale at Rain Taxi


The Network                                                                                                        Fence Books, 2010
2009 National Poetry Series selection                          

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Review by Nick DePascal in Sugar House Review
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My response to a question from H.L. Hix at In Quire


An Essay In Asterisks                                                                                              Roof Books, 2004

Review by Kathleen Ossip in Verse                                                                  Poemtalk discussion on “Dropping Leaflets”

The Character                                                                                                   Beacon Press, 1999
Winner of the Barnard New Women’s Poetry Prize, 1998

Review by Brian Lennon in The Boston Review                                             
Review in Publishers Weekly